Forex Account Types Paxforex

PaxForex is a forex broker, which definitely deserve attention. The company is in the process of

its rapid development, and increase of its customer base. A team of professionals provides
traders with high-quality services, services, technologies and a maximum of useful information.
PaxForex will help to open a real account on Forex, and also it guarantees comprehensive
customer support in the course of cooperation.
PaxForex has 4 types of Forex trading accounts. We are sure that you will easily make a choice.
Our main task is to provide our clients with the most favorable and comfortable conditions for
trading on the stock exchange regardless of the type of account chosen.
Follow the procedure for registering the Forex account to get full access to the high-tech trading
platform MetaTrader4. Thanks to this platform, you will always be aware of all important trends
in the market: here are graphs, technical indicators, and the possibility of automated trading.
After opening an account with Forex, you get one more important advantage: access to mobile
trading software. It will not be superfluous to access data from your real Forex accounts. In
addition, PaxForex customers are always informed due to the current financial news provided by
our experts. We remind you that each of the clients can contact the specialists of the company at
any time. Ways of communication: telephone, e-mail or online chat. We are sure that you cannot
wait to register your Forex account and join a team of professionals.
Mini forex account
A mini forex account is an account for trading mini lots. This type of account is usually opened
by newcomers. So you can start trading with a deposit of $ 100. The trader will not be exposed to
high risks.

Fix spread account
Customer transactions on a fixed spread are executed exactly at the price set in the order. If
during the processing of the trade order the price itself changes suddenly, the trader is provided
with new prices and a request for confirmation of the current transaction already at the new
quotes - requotes. This method of execution of orders is called Instant Execution.
Accordingly, for trading operations with the use of accounts with a fixed spread and the
execution of Instant Execution orders, the bidder is insured against slippage and execution of the
transaction at an unpredictably unprofitable price. This is the main reason for the continuing
popularity of this type of accounts among bidders, who place the control and security of their
transactions at the heart of the matter.
Standard Forex Account
The most commonly used standard trading account. A standard forex account implies the
existence of a certain capital for trading in full lots. Therefore, its merits include the fact that
brokers provide more services and additional benefits for private traders trading on them.
VIP Forex Account
This account is the top one. It is provided to the best traders who are quite active in the market
and have the experience to use all the most advanced financial instruments that are provided to
this type of accounts. VIP clients will receive the quality of institutional liquidity, low spreads
for all instruments, super-fast execution, personal manager and various promotions and bonuses
in addition.
Cent Forex Account
Here the minimum lot is different. If the price moves up or down, the trader risks to lose or earn
of $ 0.01 (one cent) with such a minimum lot.

Paxforex team is doing all the best to provide its users with the most reasonable conditions of