Cent Forex Account

Features of the cent account
The main problem for many newcomers is the search for seed capital. Some dealing centers put
forward a mandatory condition for each new trader own funds in the amount of several hundred
It is not enough to risk even such a small amount, because at first it is impossible to say whether
a person will be able to do this and whether he will be able to get the expected dividends from
this activity.
Of course, you can use demo accounts, but there is an opinion that trading on demos and on real
accounts is different, and besides, I personally always want to work with real money, and not
with fictitious ones.
That's why PaxForex - Cent Forex Account today offers a unique service for beginners. It
consists in the fact that they are given the opportunity to open a cent account forex and enter into
small transactions in terms of volume, but absolutely real in content. This allows you to test your
abilities and skills in real combat conditions, without risking any serious sums of money.
The cent account allows you to trade cent lots with instant execution and a fixed spread. The
excellent choice for beginners or those, wishing to test a new strategy or advisers.
Earnings on cent accounts PaxForex
As statistic shows, stably profitable for most brokers is the account with a deposit in excess of $
10,000 and with the volume of transactions up to 1 lot are considered. The company is stably
developing, so the trader's income is more than real if to follow the strategies. In case if we talk
about a deposit of $ 100 on a cent account and the volume of the deal in 0.1 lot, the risk of our
traders is absolutely very low. All the system is created and developed in such a way, that to let
users earn real money.
Innovative approach
In addition, in the trading terminal of our company, the display of the balance of cent accounts is
the most transparent. For example, with deposit of $ 100, its display will be similar in the
terminal. Thus, when making a trade transaction with a volume of 1 lot, 1 point will be equal to
10 cents.
The maim problem of most brokers is the way that cent accounts are displayed in trading
terminals. Even experienced traders are very often confuses with this option. No big surprise,
that for the beginners it’s at all a challenge. Typically, conventional brokers allocate cent
accounts from standard ones solely in that all values ​​are multiplied by one hundred.
This type of account in our company has a lot of benefits. There are a lot of people who
previously simply did not participate in currency trading due to the lack of opportunity for
financial reasons to. As for Paxforex, it shows principally new approach today, and it’s possible
to go on absolutely new level. With the advent of a new approach to cent accounts, new
perspectives opened up, allowing to become a market participant to an investor who has even a
small deposit.
Beginning trader’s cent accounts will be useful for another important reason. Most of those who
are just mastering the forex market, still do not have the confidence and experience to start
trading on classic standard accounts.
Cent bills provide a smooth transition from training on demo accounts to real trading. So, with
the help of this option now it’s possible to avoid psychologically painful situation for the
beginners, when change from a demo account to a standard one was quite sudden.

In order to try this option everything you need to do is just to go on Paxforex and start trading.
This possibility is available for everybody.